Choose Bookkeeping Xero For Your Bookkeeping Needs

Gone are the days when bookkeepers had to manually track your business transactions into their ledger. The accounting software market has now exploded, and bookkeepers also have to adapt to this change. One of those accounting programs is Xero, and bookkeepers particularly love it since it’s specially made for small businesses. We here at Edge Small Business Consulting are Xero specialists and will help you create a good financial structure so you can properly see your profit and be in charge of your business’ finances in general. Grow your business the right way and stay ahead of the competition by using bookkeeping Xero today!

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Xero

bookkeeping xero

The main reason why businesses should start using Xero is that it’s very easy and intuitive to use. Here are some reasons to prove our point:

An Intuitive Dashboard

This bookkeeping software is all about being easy to use. Since we can see everything just by looking at the dashboard, we can immediately tell the current status of your business’ finances. The details available at-a-glance include:

  • Monthly cash flow
  • Sales and expense budgeting graphs
  • Bank account and credit card balances
  • Outstanding invoices

It’s also fully-customizable to fit your needs!

Easy Invoicing

Every business’s goal is to earn some profit. With bookkeeping Xero, you can send professional and customized invoices that are tailored to your business. Clients can also make payments using different methods as well, such as debit card, credit card, and PayPal, thus helping increase your cash flow.

It also lets you set-up automatic invoice payment reminders! This means it prompts clients to make upcoming payments so you don’t have to chase them down for any delayed payments.

Real-Time Data

Plus, you can access your business’ financial data anytime and anywhere. With instant access, you have better control over your finances and enable you to make wiser decisions.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliations are time-consuming and can be daunting for many business owners. But with bookkeeping Xero, you can connect your business’ bank accounts and it will import credit card and bank transactions automatically. 


Xero can be used on any device. Whether you’re using a laptop or smartphone, all you need is an internet connection to run your business! 

Good Data Security

Storing all your business’ financial records in software can sound terrifying. However, Xero securely feeds data directly from banks and other financial institutions—therefore reducing the need for human interaction. Moreover, it uses industry-standard security measures to back-up and secure your data, so you’re assured that all your information is safe.

Why Do We Choose Bookkeeping Xero Vs. Other Software?

The ideal accounting software should:

✔ be easy to navigate

✔ can generate valuable financial reports

So why do we prefer this software?

Quick Set-Up and Easy to Use

We don’t need to fully set it up to start using it. In fact, we can start by just inputting your bank account opening balance! This feature is handy, especially if you’re in a rush or a tight deadline.

Real Time-Saver

Doing bank reconciliations is a breeze every time we use this software. It features a cash coding option that lets us power through bank transactions, and we can even create specific bank rules to make the process a lot easier. Bookkeeping Xero regularly updates its software to make it faster to use, so you can continually streamline your bookkeeping processes.

All-In-One Ecosystem

Forget the days when bookkeepers are tied to being data-entry clerks. Xero can be linked to multiple apps to transform the services you can provide to your clients. For example, you can use Futrli to give your clients a dashboard that updates simultaneously, or use ReceiptBank so clients can purchase from you electronically. 

More Job Opportunities

Clients will be the ones looking for us—seriously. Because Xero spends a lot of money per year on marketing, business owners are being prepped on what they should use and as a result, they’ll be looking for bookkeepers who specialize in this software.

Edge Small Business Consulting for Your Bookkeeping Xero Needs

The time spent doing things manually is the time you could have spent running your business. Utilizing cloud bookkeeping is a great way to save time, and Xero has all the innovative tools to help make your business grow. 

Real talk: Xero should be your top priority if you want a successful business.

As Xero specialists, we can help you transition into the cloud, set up the system, and make necessary changes so you can enjoy all the benefits this software has to offer. Being a cloud-based app makes it perfect even if you’re on-the-go since you still have control over your business even without being at the office. If you’re thinking about using bookkeeping Xero for your business needs, contact us for a quick chat today!