5 Reasons You Should Hire Bookkeepers Near Me

The most important things to consider when choosing bookkeepers are their knowledge and experience. But most business owners tend to forget location is a huge factor as well, since you want your bookkeeper to be there whenever you need them. A local bookkeeping firm not only does this, but it can also build more trust and provide you with personalized services to help your business expand. This is why we service clients throughout Brisbane and nearby suburbs. We believe how essential face-to-face contact is, and we want you to feel confident with us and know that we are committed to serving you the first day itself. If you’re looking for bookkeepers near me, then drop us a line and we’ll contact you right away!

Why Should You Hire Local Bookkeepers?

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Builds Trust

You want to make sure that your finances don’t end up in the wrong hands. Usually, local bookkeeping firms are recommended by businesses the same as yours. Since the right local bookkeeper has built a strong reputation from their past local clients, a strong relationship will also more likely form between the two of you.

Local Knowledge

You can expect critical local business knowledge by working with a local bookkeeping firm. With their knowledge of how to succeed in the area, they can help your business nourish and thrive.

Plus, bookkeepers near me can tailor their services to meet your requirements. However, don’t think you’ll get lesser quality—local firms can still provide the same excellent services (or even more) just like the bigger firms!

Personalized Services

Compared to larger firms, local bookkeeping firms are more concerned about giving you a more personalized approach. Thus, they can build a stronger relationship with you and have a better understanding of your business structure and how your business works.

You’ll get direct contact with them too, instead of exchanging endless emails with someone you hardly know. Also, compared to large bookkeeping firms who expect you to understand complex bookkeeping jargon, it’s more possible for bookkeepers near me to use “simple English” to help you understand the concept better.

Reduces Costs

Are you a small business owner or managing a start-up? Either way, you know how important it is to keep expenses to a minimum.

By working with a local bookkeeping firm, you can expect more affordable rates plus they can also offer professional advice on how to manage your finances. For example, they can help you comply with complicated rules and regulations to avoid being in trouble in the future.


This is one of the major advantages of a local bookkeeper. When problems arise and you need answers in an instant, you can easily set a quick meeting with them rather than relying on emails or phone calls.

What Services Do Our Bookkeepers Near Me Provide?

Basic Bookkeeping Tasks

As bookkeepers serving clients from all over Brisbane, we’re responsible for maintaining your business’ financial transactions, monitoring your records, updating statements, and making sure all your accounts are correct. 

We use spreadsheets and accounting software to collate data and prepare BAS (Business Activity Statements) for tax purposes.

As a recap, our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Producing financial statements and reports
  • Identifying irregularities in transactions
  • Making invoices and bank deposits
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Preparing and filing BAS forms

Business Consulting

Aside from being certified bookkeepers, we’re business consultants too! We develop business strategies, analyze market trends, and offer new ideas that you can use in your daily operations to improve your business strategy. Some aspects of your business we can help with are:

  • General Small Business Advice
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Inventory Management

Edge Small Business Consulting: Your Choice for Bookkeepers Near Me 

Bookkeepers are an integral part of your business finance team. Aside from making sure your books are balanced, our insights can help you form smarter decisions for the success of your business. When it comes to choosing a bookkeeper, we suggest going with a local one not only for your convenience but also for the other factors listed above.

Here at Edge Small Business Consulting, we made sure to reach out to as many clients as we can to make it easier for you to reach out to us. By serving most of the suburbs near Brisbane, getting access to a certified bookkeeper has never been simpler—leaving you with no excuse not to work with bookkeepers near me.