When Should You Consider Hiring A Small Business Consultant?

Business consulting can be vague and is often an overused term. This is why most businesses are unsure whether they need one or how to measure a consultant’s ROI. However, a business advisor must have extensive knowledge and experience to earn that title. We here at Edge aren’t just bookkeeping experts: we provide business consulting and advice too! We offer advice, guidance, and even additional training to help your business reach its target. So if you’re a small business owner who has a lot of ideas on how to make their business grow but don’t know where to start, then work with us and let our team be your small business consultant!

When Should You Hire a Business Consultant?

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Knowing when the right time is to work with a consultant is crucial. If you hire one at the right time, you can gain significant benefits in terms of your business’ revenue, reputation, and long-term growth.

Here are signs your business can benefit from hiring a consultant:

A Lack of In-House Resources

Are you thinking of starting a social media marketing campaign but don’t know how? This is the perfect time to work with a consultant! We can teach you the ropes and how to get things started.

You Need Expert Insights

One major sign that you need a small business consultant is when making major decisions. For example, if you’re planning to switch from a C to an S corporation, we have professional CPAs available to give valuable advice.

Operations Maintenance and Business Audits

A business’ success or failure depends on how you maintain effective business processes and operations. Usually, businesses are unable to critically examine their day-to-day operations: this is where we step in.

Let’s say you have a sales outreach campaign. When was the last time you read what’s written in your campaign? How long have you been using it? Are you confident that it’s good enough to attract potential customers?

If any of the questions made you think twice, then there may be a problem. By working with us, you’ll have an objective set of eyes to help your business operate more effectively.

What Qualities Should You Look For in a Small Business Consultant?

Some consultants are more successful than others not because of their work history, but because of their attitude. Here are some traits to look for when hiring a consultant:

Expert Knowledge

This is the main reason our clients come to us for help. Each of our members has their own area of expertise, and we specifically assign that consultant to you if we think your business can benefit from them.

We never claim to be experts at everything, since we feel like it would be a disservice. We make sure to always stay updated too, so we can provide you with the best service possible.


As your small business consultant, we don’t just create solutions out of nowhere. While we’re confident in our skills and past experiences, we take our time planning and investigating your operations so we can make sound decisions based on facts and research.

We’re pretty flexible too because we know that every business has different requirements. There’s no “one size fits all” plan when it comes to business consulting, so we try to adapt and develop customized solutions to fit your business’s needs.


Honesty in consultancy isn’t only about “not lying.” We never hold back with a client and try to stay upfront and truthful even if it doesn’t serve our interest. As a small business consultant, you and your business come first.

Good Communication Skills

Having good verbal and written communication skills are crucial for us to succeed in this industry. By listening to what you’re trying to say and constantly asking questions, we’re able to understand your needs and give you the solutions that you’re looking for.

Plus, we’re quite sociable and have excellent people skills as well. By giving out a friendly and positive attitude, we can easily gain your trust. This lets us draw important information from you and help us understand your position better. Having people-oriented skills is a great help in coming up with business decisions that work for you.

Why Choose Edge As Your Next Small Business Consultant?

Running a business can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding out how to optimize your performance. Without the right experience, making even the smallest mistake can either make or break the status of your business.

Our team here at Edge Small Business Consulting understands this and wants to guide your business through all stages of its development. We offer small business consulting to give objective, practical, and effective advice to help you grow and stay ambitious. We aim to equip you with the right knowledge and tools, so you can confidently manage all aspects of your business.

Run your business the right way. Make our team your small business consultant today!