Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses:

What Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses Can Edge Help You With?


Bookkeeping can be challenging for a small business without the right help. If you’re overwhelmed by contracts, the costs of software upgrades, have lost track of your expenses, or are just getting started with your business, we offer a variety of bookkeeping services to suit all small business needs.

Our Brisbane Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses:

We offer a range of Brisbane bookkeeping services, ensuring that you receive the right help for your small business. No matter your bookkeeping needs, you’ll find the support you need at Edge.

Small Business Bookkeeping

Small Business Bookkeeping

Our Brisbane bookkeeping services for small businesses include:

  • Making a Chart of Accounts
  • Restructuring the Books
  • Reconciling Accounts
  • Tracking Profitability
  • Maintaining Cash Flow and Improving Financial Management
  • Preparing for Tax Season

Read below to find out more about how these services can help your small Brisbane business.

If you need additional expert bookkeeping help, we also offer cost-effective Brisbane bookkeeping for small businesses service packages:

Standard Package:

The Standard Package is our simplest and most straight forward Brisbane bookkeeping package. Perfect for experienced small business owners that only need help with their bookkeeping, this package includes all bookkeeping services you’ll need for your small Brisbane business.

Insights Package:

Our most popular Brisbane bookkeeping for small businesses package, the Insights Package includes all the bookkeeping services offered in the Standard Package plus personalised insights from our expert team, business consulting, and business advice specific to you. The Insights Package is right for your business if you need in-depth consulting and advice as well as the help of our bookkeeping services. It’s the most popular service for a reason— think how personalised insights from experienced professionals could benefit your business!

Insights Plus Package:

The Insights Plus Package offers all services from our Standard Package and Insights Package combined plus the additional help of any accounting services you may need for your small business. We’ll take care of all your business and accounting tasks while providing you with personalised advice and insights into the industry. It’s like having your very own CFO!


Our Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses:

  • Making a Chart of Accounts: One of the first bookkeeping actions you’ll need for your new business is to set up a chart of accounts. A chart of accounts is used to organise all the financial transactions of your small business and record them in your bookkeeping records. This can be time-consuming if you’re doing it yourself, but by making a chart of accounts with the help of our experienced Edge bookkeepers you’ll be able to classify and organise all your income and expenses, making monitoring your incoming and outgoing finances much easier.


  • Restructuring the Books: It can be very hard to organise and run a small business if you have paperwork and receipts everywhere and can’t keep track of your finances. This is where we come in. We’ll organise and file all your papers, helping you get back on track. We can also help you transition to using accounting software instead of physical paperwork for your bookkeeping, helping you cut down on the financial work you need to do every day. Saving time is extremely important for a small business!


  • Reconciling Accounts: A third important bookkeeping service we offer is reconciling your accounts. Reconciling your accounts should be done regularly to be consistent with your financial tracking and make sure that all your accounts agree with each other. It’s easy to make mistakes along the way when you’re new to bookkeeping, but with our experienced bookkeeping and accounting team, your accounts will be consistently monitored. For example, we will compare your bank statements with your bank deposits, checking for discrepancies. If we find issues, we will locate the source of the problem and resolve it, making your accounts consistent and error-free. We can also provide you with advice to help you lessen the risk of fraud.