Business Financial Management


Edge Business Consulting Can Provide All Your Business Financial Needs


At Edge Business Consulting, we can manage all your small business financial needs.

Our team is available to help you develop a plan to meet your individual business goals. Our services are aimed at supporting small business owners with the financial side of your business to ensure your business decisions and plans are on track for financial success. This frees you up to dream big! Contact us today to see how we can support your small business through our financial management services.

Edge Business Financial Services:

Business financial planning is an integral part of a successful small business. At Edge, our advisors can guide your business through the 6 steps of financial planning and create an individualised plan to move your business in the right direction. If you are concerned about your business or are uncertain regarding important decisions, we can develop a clear plan based on the needs of your small business that will take you step-by-step in the direction of your goals.

The 6 important steps in business financial planning are:

1.     Basic Accounting

The existing state of your business financials will be examined by our analysts, and any red flags in current operations will be identified. We can establish new methods to maximise profit growth and avoid the repetition of possible mistakes that limit the success of your business. This will strengthen the foundation of your business, putting you on the right path to maximise future growth.

2.     Identifying Profit Centres

We will examine revenue streams, current and future markets, efficiency of production and sales to determine the most profitable sources of income for your business. Our team may identify new sources of income for your business to develop in the future throughout this process and will walk you through the process of maximising profits.

3.     Managing Cash Flow

By analysing the cash flow operations of your business, we can establish a system to best manage your income and expenditure and ensure you have reserves at times when they are most needed. This reduces the stress involved in business finances and allows for the best allocation of resources for future budget planning.

4.     Leveraging Assets

Our effective business financial management support can guide you to properly structure your business assets to maximise equity. If assets can be structured to increase the equity of your business, then there is also the potential for raising additional funds against this equity in your business. Proper structuring of assets can also avoid loss. Edge’s business financial support can ensure you don’t travel down the road of having to relinquish ownership, ensuring you receive all the profits of your small business.

5.     Taxation

Edge will keep you informed about current tax requirements and ensure your business is compliant with ever-changing tax regulations, avoiding consequences of non-compliance. Our team can keep your financial transactions properly organised to minimise errors which have the potential to result in financial loss.

6.     Future Business Structure

As your business grows, we can guide you through the process of restructuring and advise you of the legal steps required in this process. We can assist you to turn your business into an entity, a partnership or even a corporation!


What Will a Business Financial Plan Provide You?

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Edge will provide you with actual financial statements where applicable and a projection for a particular number of years depending on your business financial needs. For instance, if you are looking at obtaining finance, you will need a five-year projection. We can determine the exact projection required for all your business plans in in-depth consultation sessions.

Your personalised business financial plan will include:

  • The actual income statement for the previous financial year (not applicable for start-ups)
  • The actual cash flow for the previous financial year where applicable and a projection for the specified time period.
  • The actual balance sheet where possible and a projection for the specified time period.
  • Financial ratios including solvency, efficiency, liquidity ratios, and profitability.

A business financial plan provides a basis from which to make informed decisions about resource allocation. The plan will demonstrate the ability of your business to manage expenses and generate revenue. It will also provide measures to track financial performance and the progress you are making towards your business goals.


Why Choose Edge for Your Business Financial Planning?

At Edge, we are practiced in both bookkeeping and accounting and experienced in business financial management. In collaboration with your skill set, this gives us a strong foundation from which to identify financial planning alternatives and to develop strategies that meet your specific business financial needs, expanding your goals and growing your business into the future.

Edge’s business financial management services offer a free initial discovery meeting to begin the consultation process. This session provides you with the opportunity to understand in more detail what our services offer and to ask any questions you might have. It also allows us to better understand your business needs and what you hope to achieve through the process of business financial planning. We will get a personal understanding of your business situation and identify your goals, allowing us to discuss how we can work together to achieve your objectives. Should you decide our business financial management services suit your needs, we will work to develop a plan to ensure your business has every chance of success, now and in the future.

Contact Edge today to see how we can help your small business!