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Edge: Your Small Business Advisor

At Edge Business Consulting we are your trusted business advisors, providing expert advice on all your small business concerns. Our team is here to help you with everything from competitor analysis, marketing, finances, inventory management, advertising and much more. We can discuss your ideas and plans and offer a final check on other business matters, giving you peace of mind about your business operations. Your energy is free to creatively grow your business.

Why Do You Need a Small Business Advisor?

Everyone wants their business to succeed. It is your livelihood and hopefully something you feel passionate about. To increase your chances of success, a business advisor can play a key role in developing your business. Edge is a team of certified bookkeepers and accountants who can provide valuable suggestions and identify profitable opportunities you may have missed.

When Do You Need a Small Business Advisor?


1.     Specialised Knowledge

When businesses go through periods of growth or change, there is often a need for industry-specific knowledge, project management advice or planning for a major purchase. The need for specialised knowledge in these situations is often temporary, so a more cost-effective option to hiring a permanent employee is to engage a business advisor.

2.     Reoccurring problems

Sometimes businesses encounter difficulties that continue to happen, though you may be unsure why. Problems can arise in every aspect of business operations. There may be managerial problems, staff may not have received adequate training or information for their required tasks, or perhaps you are experiencing a public relations issue. A business advisor can help identify the cause of problems and assist in developing steps needed to resolve the situation and move your business forward. We can also offer expert advice on the restructure of a business and can undertake the role of effectively informing staff of any employment changes in a sensitive manner.

3.     Continual Growth

A hallmark of a successful business is the recognition of the need for continual improvement and growth, even if the business is running smoothly. As the business owner, you generate important ideas and passion for your business to thrive. As the business advisors, we review your products, business operations, staff practices and management to help you improve your business. Together, we can grow your business and make it the best it can be.

Business Advisor

Business Advisor

Areas of Your Business Where Our Business Advisors Can Help:

Edge will provide skilled and experienced professional business advisors who work with your business to help you make the right decisions for the direction you want to go.

At Edge, we can help you with:

  • Advertising and marketing: We can help you develop an advertising and marketing strategy of any size, with tools and networks to cater to all your business needs.
  • General small business advice: We analyse industry trends, competitor pricing and everything in between, to best advise you on what your competitors are doing and how you can stay in the game.
  • Inventory management: Your money is invested in your inventory, so managing your inventory, including turnover rates, stock clearance and undertaking and inventory mix analysis can substantially improve your business operations.
  • Competitive hourly rates: Our business advisors offer competitive rates and are good value for money.

Our business advisors are particularly suitable for small businesses and start-up ventures. We provide our expertise on a temporary basis to advise you on your particular situation at a fixed rate. Our business advisors have experience working with multiple clients in varied industries meaning we have a broad knowledge base and experience that we can bring to benefit your business.

Why Choose Edge as Your Business Advisor?

At Edge, we are practiced in both bookkeeping and accounting and experienced in providing business advice which allows us to develop strategies benefit your business, expanding your goals and improving your business into the future.

Edge Small Business Consulting helps you make smart decisions and ensure your business has the greatest chance of success. We analyse your assets and advise on the best way to distribute your funds. With good financial management and an improved financial situation, better decisions can inform your future investment practices and business strategies, resulting in healthy business growth. Take your business to the next level and call Edge for a business advisor today.