About Us

My name is Daniel and I am the owner and creator of Edge Small Business Consulting in Brisbane.

A bit about me: I am a CA qualified accountant with over 15 years experience working in various accounting and finance roles where I have specialised in growing small business with references to show for it.

Why did I start Edge.? Because I was tired of seeing small business owners struggle to manage their business finances, including meeting all the regulatory requirements. 
I would much rather see them spend the time growing a sustainable profitable business and leave the finance and bookkeeping and financial business planning to us.


Bookkeeping services

Let us handle your day-to-day bookkeeping for your small business !


Business Consulting

We can give you advice on specific issues, or act as you CFO, or anything in between. Your on call small business advisor


Custom packages

Piece of mind with our fixed price packages that are designed around your business needs.


“We want to help you grow your business by taking away the work and worry about bookkeeping and financial management so you can concentrate on what you are good at and why you started your business in the first place”

Dan Dugan