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Bookkeeping Solutions

Specializing in Xero accounting software, we can provide a variety of levels of support to best suit your business. We handle the entire process for you from set-up, processing and preparation for your accountant.

Small Business Consulting

We enjoy seeing a small business grow and succeed, and want to be a part of helping you do that. We specialise in small business, and have a great range of either fixed fee or hourly rate options to choose from.

Fixed Price Bookkeeping & Consulting

Do you want more certainty with your bookkeeping and consulting fees each month?  We offer a great way to do this through monthly fixed pricing, over a range of flexible packages designed to suit your needs.

Why choose us?

We are qualified bookkeepers and small business advisors with over 15 years of experience.


You will have access to real time advice without the stress of each conversation costing you money due to our fixed price costing model.

Not only is all your back end finance sorted but you can receive constant updates on how your business is going.

It’s like having your very own small business ‘CFO’!

How can Edge. Small Business Consulting can help your Business?

We are your trusted bookkeeper and business advisor?


No matter what business you’re in, you need someone to track where you earn and spend your money—and that’s where bookkeepers come in.

If finances aren’t your strong suit and you want someone to sort it out for you or you want to stay involved with the numbers and just want to take your knowledge to the next level, we can help.

Not only can we provide an all inclusive service of manging your bookkeeping, ATO lodgements and general finances but what really sets us apart from other bookkeepers is that we interpret the data as well.

We can help with budgeting, forecasting, financial modelling, management reports and much much more.

Its like having your own CFO for your small business!


We are much more than just bookkeepers!


We are your total small business finance solution!

Our handpicked team of qualified Brisbane based bookkeepers, business advisors and accountants can get your business running beautifully in no time.

Not only will our bookkeepers have your books perfect and all your regulatory requirements met on time but you have your very own ‘virtual CFO’ to ask any questions you have any time that is all included for a fixed monthly price.

Best of all, your business is assigned two points of contact at all times to ensure a high level of service is always met.


Certified bookkeeper stressing less
certified bookkeeper taking large steps in helping clients

What does a certified Bookkeeper actually do?


Our duty will always be a combination of collecting receipts and data entry. We record every financial transaction in your general ledger using what we call double-entry bookkeeping. This means using accounting software to input all your transactions.

However, bookkeeping is more than just typing figures into a spreadsheet. It takes some serious analysis and legal knowledge too—besides, we make sure all your numbers and deductions are correct to help you through an audit.

Below are the four key financial statements that we help prepare for your business:


Income Statement

Also referred to as profit and loss, a certified bookkeeper prepares this to show your revenue and expenses over a specific period.


Balance Sheet

This gives you an idea of where you are financially at a certain time.


Cash Flow Statement

This is a record of cash and cash-like transactions that enter and leave your business.


Statement of Changes in Equity

Or statement of retained earnings, this shows how your capital, reserves, and retained earnings may have changed during a specified period.

Here are other essential things we can help with to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible:

  • We take our time managing your accounts payables and accounts receivables. This means that a certified bookkeeper makes sure that you pay your bills and get paid on time.
  • We collect sales taxes and forward them to the government.
  • We monitor your level of debt and set aside funds as it comes up for payment.
  • We take note of any cash deposits at the bank.
  • We make sure that monthly bank reconciliations are accurate.
  • We maintain your yearly budget.
  • We process payroll.
  • We report any issues or problems once they happen.
  • We supply your accountant with correct financial statements for when tax season comes.


And since we’re cheaper than accountants, we can take care of some of the tax preparations in advance so they’ll have lesser to do. We cannot, however, help with tax planning or how to handle your tax return.


Why work with us as your next certified Bookkeeper


If you’re a small business owner, doing everything by yourself can be tempting. But you know that this isn’t possible. One of the best decisions you can make for your business is to outsource to a bookkeeping company. Bookkeeping calls for a lot of specialist knowledge—so if you entrust your books to us, you’ll have more time and energy for your business rather than stressing about keeping your books updated and accurate.

Here are some benefits you can reap by working with our team:

  • We tell you where exactly your money goes, so you can make better budgeting decisions.
  • With a certified bookkeeper, you’ll have peace of mind that your books are in order and are ready for the upcoming tax season.
  • We can present detailed documentation to make your business audit-proof.
  • We give you a chance to focus more on the growth of your business.
  • We can give you a better understanding of your business’ seasonal flow.
  • We let you understand the key metrics of your business like cost, revenue, profitability, etc.

But we’re not just certified bookkeepers—we’re qualified accountants too! Led by our founder Daniel who has been in the accounting and finance sectors for more than 10 years, we can give additional assistance that a regular bookkeeper can’t provide. And while we pride ourselves as a certified bookkeeper, we have a wide range of experience and specialize in all facets of small businesses.

We also specialize in Xero, a great accounting package that’s still a bit new to the world of small business. Since it allows us to do everything online, we can now help with your accounts more efficiently and in real-time! We offer competitive rates and give the best value for your money. So aside from saving money by working with us, you can also save a lot with your accountant when tax season finally arrives!


Final words on outsourcing to a certified Bookkeeper


Bookkeepers have been called “bean counters”. But if you once skipped on getting a certified bookkeeper and tried to do everything on your own, you’ll know that that title does not cover our work. Our goal is to resolve unanswered questions and do a bit of investigating once the figures don’t add up. We never cut corners, and we’re a great asset if you wish to see your business grow rather than just maintaining it.

Don’t want to worry about bookkeeping anymore? Contact our team today for a “no obligations” chat where we can talk you through our monthly packages to see what works best for you and your business!

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