EDGE. Small Business Consulting

Local Bookkeeping for the Wider Brisbane Area!


Certified Bookkeeper Brisbane working at her desk

Why choose us as your local bookkeeper in Brisbane?

We are qualified accountants and small business advisors with years of experience, but have decided to focus on Bookkeeping and bringing financial insights to small business.


We meet with you to understand your business from a business, marketing and sales, and a financial point of view. Nobody knows your business better than you, so with that first hand info we can form a better understanding and relationship. You could describe us as your in house advisor. Because we offer fixed pricing, we take the stress of the fact that each conversation costs you money.

Not only is all your back end finance sorted but you will receive constant updates on how your business is going. It’s like having you own small business ‘CFO’.

Our Queensland and Brisbane Service Areas

Although we work throughout the whole of Australia, we pride ourselves on great service and prefer to meet our clients in person.