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Your small business is your lively hood, it is what you spend most of your time doing and hopefully it is something that you really enjoy, so let us take some of the worry away for you by being your trusted small business advisor on everything from marketing, advertising, finances, inventory management, competitor analysis and much more.

Even if it is just to catch up and go over your thoughts, plans or double check any other business matter.

Some areas we can help you with our small business financial expertise:

Advertising & Marketing

We can help with advertising and marketing on a variety of different levels. No campaign is too big or too small to handle. Anything from creating a website right through to a multi faceted campaign, we have the tools and networks to best cater to your needs. 

General Small Business Advice

Keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing is integral to any small business. We specialize in analyzing industry trends, competitor pricing analysis as well as everything in between. We can do the work so you don’t have to.

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory, is key to every small business as generally a big chunk of your cash is tied up in it. We can help with stock turnover rates, inventory mix analysis as well as assist with stock clearance methods and any other needs you might have.

Competitive Hourly Rates

Our rates are competitive and great value for money, so you will not only save money using us for your bookkeeping but you will also save money at year end with your accountant. Just contact us to find out our current hourly rates.

Small Business Advisor: Why Would You Need One?


Why Hire Edge Small Business Consulting As Your Small Business Advisor?

A business advisor is responsible for giving business owners valuable suggestions on how to increase their chances of success. They’re skilled and experienced professionals who work with businesses to help them make the right decisions. They can also work in different areas of a company including IT, marketing, finance, etc. Our team of advisors consists of certified bookkeepers and accountants, and we can help you find profitable money-making opportunities you may have missed. With a wide background in finance management, we can guarantee sustainability and therefore let you create a secure business plan for the future. Call us today and allow our team to be your small business advisor!



When Do You Need a Business Advisor?

Most business owners find it hard to make the right investments in growing their business. They then go on and try something, and then try something else, without realizing they’re back to where they started.

This is when you need expert advice. Here are some scenarios where working with a business advisor will benefit you:



When You Need Specialized Knowledge

We can give value to your businesses, whether you only need industry-specific knowledge or are looking for specific project management advice. Since this specialized knowledge is often temporary, say if you’re looking to train your staff, working with us is more cost-effective than hiring an employee.

Plus, the services of a small business advisor is very handy if you’re planning to make a major purchase. We can help determine the requirements and turn your purchase into a smart investment.



When Problems Keep Occurring

This can be caused by staff that is not informed or trained sufficiently for specific tasks, a public relations issue, or other internal management problems. We can help resolve these issues and help you identify the best steps forward.

Having said that, we’re also used to delivering bad news like layoffs or restructuring. Since we are not attached to your employees, we can deliver the news more effectively.



When You Want Continual Growth

Even if your business is already running smoothly, there’s always room for improvement. We can review various areas of your business, like products, management, or operations, and suggest where and how you can improve. As a business owner you focus on your business and we, as specialized small business advisors can provide the knowledge you need to grow your business.

What Type of Small Business Advisor Should You Get?

Now that you know how business advisors can benefit your business, let us now find out what type you need.


Internal Business Advisors

These advisors work for a particular company and have a fixed monthly salary.

Internal business advisors are more preferred since they’ve worked for one company for a long time. Because they gained so much information about the business during that period, their advice becomes more accurate and trustworthy.

Moreover, since they practically work for you, their consultancy can be used by any department within your business. This means that the advice of an internal small business advisor can benefit your company as a whole.



External Business Advisors

They are great for startups and smaller businesses because strictly speaking, they’re cheaper to have.

External business advisors are only hired temporarily to provide their expertise, and work on a fixed rate. You can hire them from external business firms or agencies, and they normally have a more hectic schedule since they may work with numerous clients at once.

However, the good thing about working with us is that we’re more knowledgeable. Since we’ve worked with several businesses, we can use what we’ve learned from the past and apply them to your business.



Why Make Our Firm Your Next Small Business Advisor?

Poor decisions made by business owners are one of the main reasons a business fails. These make you waste your efforts, time, and money, which ultimately lead to the decline of your company.

Here at Edge Small Business Consulting, we assess your assets and suggest ways on how you can distribute your funds appropriately. With proper financial management, you can manage your finances better; and since you have a clearer picture of where you’re at financially, you can make better decisions on where you should allot your future investments. This can result in your business growing healthily with lesser, if not zero, debts.

Get in touch with us and have your own small business advisor today!

Small Business Advisor