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Whilst we specialize in our fixed price ‘all inclusive’ small business consulting & bookkeeping service, we also understand that there may be times that you need a hand with a particular bookkeeping project, that you can’t quite figure out yourself and just need help with.

With the expertise and competitive rates we can help!

Why you can trust us to help you with your Bookkeeeping in Brisbane:

We are not just bookkeepers!

We are qualified accountants as well! So if you need some help with something beyond the scope of a regular bookkeeper we can provide that additional assistance.

Xero Specialist

Xero is a fantastic accounting package that is relatively new to the small business world and with its ability to do everything online, it is a great way for us to help with your accounts in a real time and efficient manner!

Unique Expertise

You pay for what you get, everyone knows this, and we are no exception. We provide a wealth of experience, in all facets of small business, not just bookkeeping. This allows us to save you time and money when it comes to preparing your accounts in preparation for tax time for your accountant.

Competitive Hourly Rates

Our rates are competitive and great value for money, so you will not only save money using us for your bookkeeping but you will also save money at year end with your accountant. Just contact us to find out our current hourly rates.

Edge Small Business Consulting: Your Xero Bookkeeper Brisbane Experts


Why Should You Work With Xero Bookkeeper Brisbane Specialists?

If you haven’t heard already, Xero is a new accounting software that is gaining popularity among small businesses. It uses the cloud space, which makes it more efficient and can help you remain organized while carrying out your traditional bookkeeping needs. But while many cloud-based software have been proven to be effective, many small businesses are still torn about whether to utilize it or not.

Our team here at Edge Small Business Consulting are certified Xero experts and with this software, we can constantly keep your books updated and sorted out to help prevent potential audits and other accounting worries. Get in touch today and let us be your Xero bookkeeper Brisbane consultants!

Xero Bookkeeper Brisbane

Why Choose Xero Accounting Software?

If you’re stressed about the upcoming tax season and are looking for an easy way to solve your accounting problems, then Xero is for you. Here are a few ways it can greatly benefit your small business:

Automatic Bank Transfers

This means that instead of importing your bank statements into the software manually, we can set up a bank feed so it can do all the work! This makes bookkeeping more efficient and a lot quicker.


This is probably Xero’s biggest advantage. Being cloud-based means you can work remotely from any part of the world.

It also benefits us as bookkeepers since we don’t have to be physically present while doing your books. We can simply log-in to access the same information as yours, regardless of where our Xero bookkeeper Brisbane team is. You don’t even have to worry about updating it regularly!

Additionally we offer Bookkeeping packages that can help you reach your goals as well. Check these out here

Hiring our bookkeeping Brisbane team lets you gauge your performance and plan strategically for the future. Take a look at our report before finalizing next year’s budget. You may see new insights that can double (or even triple!) your revenue.

Customized Invoices

Xero lets us customize your invoices based on your needs and requirements. We can create professional-looking invoices too, and add different features like the history, status, and a “Pay Now” button.

This structure makes online payment easier for your client. Plus, an extra feature that we like is the green mark that lets us know if a client has seen the invoice or not.

Security and Backup

What’s great about Xero is that backup is automatically stored regularly. Meaning, there is no need to stress about taking backup of important data since it is safe and unaffected in the cloud. Its security features are a big plus as well, because it uses special resources to make sure you’re protected from system failures.

Why Should You Hire Our Xero Bookkeeper Brisbane Experts?

Say you decided to use Xero as your accounting software. Here are some of the reasons why you should work with our Xero experts:

We Properly Manage Cash Flows

Any business that takes any type of service or product will definitely get an invoice. Generally, once you receive an invoice, you have 30 days to pay your supplier. Without a proper bookkeeper who will upload all your invoices in real-time, you may suffer consequences your business is not prepared for. This can be prevented by having a certified Xero bookkeeper.

Our team will make sure to upload all your invoices into the system simultaneously to know how much exactly your business owes. With our Xero bookkeeper Brisbane experts, your customers can choose their preferred mode of payment. We can help you arrange a payment schedule too, so you can pay all your bills on time!

We Help Improve Profitability

Most business owners think that having a bookkeeper is an unnecessary expense—but it’s the opposite. By having a Xero bookkeeper, we can effectively reduce your business’ expenses and therefore, maximize your revenues.

We can even monitor which part/s of your business only gives losses and doesn’t generate any profits. So, the aspect of your business that is performing poorly can then be closed. Profit and loss reports can only be prepared by accountants—luckily we’re a team of qualified accountants as well, and we can make this report by using the Xero software.


Why Hire Us As Your Xero Bookkeeper Brisbane Experts?

As Xero specialists, we at Edge Small Business Consulting can offer the best solutions to help you get the best for your business. With our help, you can get real-time updates of important information to help you make the right decisions for your business. We aim to take care of all your financial burdens so you can focus entirely on running your business.

Searching for a Xero bookkeeper Brisbane? Simply drop us a message and we’ll get back to you for a quick, “no obligation” chat.

Xero Bookkeeper Brisbane